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KMS First Season 7 Win with Chopper Skin - Fortnite Battle Royale

KMS plays fortnite battle royale game with whistle warrior skin

KMS_Sergio's first win of season 7 in Fortnite Battle Royale. Uploading on the first day of the year, very cool.

KMS Quick Dime Royale with Chopper Skin - Fortnite Battle Royale

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NEW Whistle Warrior KMS Gameplay - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

KMS plays fortnite battle royale game with whistle warrior skin

We got a new squad skin! we can only afford skins that cost 800 vbucks so this is a special occasion. Somehow we magically had a good day too with a better than average win rate. Usually we get slaughtered all day.

Also this was the day we met emmathealien, she's cool. We won our first match with her. Check it out on the video below.

NEW Whistle Warrior KMS Gameplay

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The Fortnite KMS Record, KMS_Sergio Gets 16 Eliminations

KMS_Sergio 16 kill fortnite battle royale game

Everyone knows KMS is the best MLG team out there. Absolute BEASTS. We just get unlucky sometimes. Or a lot of times. That's the only reason why other players have higher kill records. It's obviously always because of fucking bullshit ;)

This is how fortnite scrim games were in 2012

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Is Logan Paul a Sociopath?


Logan Paul visited Aokigahara forest, also widely known as "Suicide Forest," this past weekend. Other YouTubers have visited the forest before but none quite like this. I don't know to what degree Logan Paul planned this, but the end result irreparably damaged his credibility as a sane individual. The signs have really kind of always been there. Only now we have to seriously ask, is Logan Paul a Sociopath?

what did you find logan paul?

Little Kids Are Watching

He knows his audience. How could he believe showing this to children was appropriate? I think little kids do not have the mental capacity to understand death in the same way an adult does. At the same time I don't know if this kind of desensitisation is good or bad for their mental health, but specifically being a channel where the majority of your demographic is children, disqualifies you from catalyst status. It's not bad to want to push the boundary on the taboo but it can't be you. Specifically not in this context, with this audience.

Two Sides

There are two sides to this story. There's the "I want to raise awareness on suicide prevention." and the "I want to break bounds, push taboos, and elevate the game." I believe Logan Paul wanted to do a little bit of both. He thought he could smash two with one hit, but it didn't work. That's not how it works at all! So then why did I do that with this post? adding an insensitive video alongside serious writing..?

How To Talk About It

If all Logan Paul wanted to do was raise suicide awareness, this was a terrible way to do that. If Logan wants to be a serious creator and push boundaries, this was also a terrible way to do that. Again, It simply has to do with audience. Every other one of his videos consists of high energy, careless mayhem. This video had that too, with an unsuspecting serious tone added? No, you can't get away with it pleading ignorance. Not when you had full control every step of the way.

I can see someone making a video like this successfully, but it has to have a significantly more serious tone, and it definitely CAN'T be posted on a channel for kids. I know Logan wants to be the world's greatest entertainer. He wants to do big things--but boy if you really want to go further you have to transcend. Having people see you in a different light, one where you are respected, was already going to be hard to do, but now its going to be even harder.

How to Save Yourself

A great way to save grace would be to get in touch with real suicide prevention organizations and make some commercials with them raising awareness through proper channels. He could even vlog his experience similar to how Jake Paul used to vlog his experience while filming his Disney show. Will he do something like that? It's much more likely he won't, because this was just his second target hit on his smash-two plan. He cares more about elevating his game and for all intents and purposes the commotion this controversy caused was a big win.