Do You Keep Your Money In Tyvek? The Mighty Wallet

The Mighty Wallet is Slim and virtually indestructible as it is resistant to tear and water. And it doesn't even have a single stitch, its just one big paper folded ingeniously into a wallet. Yup it's paper--or at least it feels like paper. It's actually Tyvek, the powerful material used for express mail envelopes(You know that strong stuff that you can never open with your bare hands)

I can personally vouch for its strength as I have owned one for nearly a year now. even after washing it it's still pretty hard to rip. The only downside I have to mention is that if you look really closely at it, you can see tiny fibers. The wallet is so strong because these tiny plastic fibers are interlocked in a random pattern, but if I can see them and pull them, doesn't this mean its weakening? Probably. But I'd say my $15 dollar wallet still has a long life ahead of itself.

I am currently the proud owner of this wallet.
Another thing I should mention is that if you are a clumsy person you might find it a bit too slippery. I have only had this happen to me once where some of my cards almost slipped right out. Besides this, the wallet is great! It's only as thick as the stuff you keep in it and the many designs offered are all fun to own and just show your friends. I highly recommend it :)

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