Mortal Kombat 9 Cheat: Infinite MK Coins/ Kombat Koins

So you want more coins or Kombat Koins--I forget what they're called. Anyways here's a simple way to keep getting more and more MK Koins forever!

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First you have to go to the Challenge tower. Whether you'll be able to accomplish this glitch or not, depends on which challenge you are in because once you complete the challenge, you can never go back. So what you do is just beat up your opponent and you get coins. Now keep in mind there is a timer. You got 30 seconds, the timer doesn't go on forever... Or does it? Well yes, yes it does. If you press start and select Retry just before the timer runs out, you will restart the challenge and you will notice that all your precious coins are still in tact. Beautiful.

This applies to:
Challenge 37 - You fight Kano as Kabal
Challenge 127 - You fight the Director as Johnny Cage
Challenge 181 - You fight the Tarkatans as Baraka

Challenge 205 - You fight Jade as Scorpion
On this one you have 60 seconds, but you only get coins when you use special moves. You can probably get 1,000 coins every Retry.

Challenge 241 - You fight Jade as Kitana
This is probably my favorite because you really do rack up a heap of MK koins! On a good round I probably got around 3,000 Mortal Kombat coins. The trick here is to use Kitanas special move where she swipes her fans, I think it's down, forward, X. I forgot the name of the move, but I'll put up later.

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