Project Cafe: Nintendos New System Will Be Playable At This Years E3

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be releasing a new console towards the end of 2012 and it will be playable to all (that attend) the Electronic entertainment Expo in June of 2011. One of the proposed names jumping around is "Stream".

gif Image By Javier Ocampo

Gaming Website giants like IGN and GameInformer have already uncovered a hefty amount of information, but how accurate are all these rumors? There is no way to know for sure until the big event which is mere days away. How many days you ask? well I am most certainly glad you asked. This many days:

Days to E3 2011

In case you are wondering, the new Nintendo console is said to be as powerful as the PS3 and XBox 360 if not more. People that have seen it have said many wonderful things and the controller will look nothing the Wii remote according to IGNs secret sources. It will have a six inch screen and dual analog sticks along with the D-pad. If what IGN is putting in their website is true, then this will be the biggest remote that any of us have ever held, that might be a problem on its own. The other thing is that its screen will be a touch screen, we are all thinking iPod touch screen here, even IGN as they have this spectacular image:

Project Cafe Controller Concept by Brian Miggels

My speculating tells me that it wont be this multi-touch iPod-like powerhouse. Sure there is an incredibly high possibility that you will be able to stream games directly at it but I'm betting its something more like the DS touch screen. That would make more sense to me because the iPod-like idea would cost everybody lots of money. So don't be surprised if their latest controller looks like a 3DS with the top 3D screen chopped off.

If you can't get enough info you can visit IGN or GameInformer.
I recommend you click the GameInformer link as they have more interesting news. IGN just tells you information in the best money making way, which is by repeating everything over and over in many posts that get you angry because they don't have anything new!

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