Red Box Will Now Be Renting Games For $2 starting June

Ever asked "does red box offer games for rent?" or "Can you rent video games at red box?". Well the answer is now YES. Or it will be starting on June 17 according to

Check out their to find a kiosk near you.
From what I understand, they already had video games at about 5,000 locations for the past two years, but this was just testing--for red box to see if it was worth it I guess. And guess what? It was very worth it. So now you can soon expect to be trying out new games befor you buy them for the low price of $2 a night... Plus tax, at over 21,000 locations.

Here's the breakdown of the prices:
- DVD - $1 per night
- Blu ray - $1.50 per night
- Games - $2 per night

Yeah you can keep a game for a week, which is the regular time you would want, and that would cost you $14 +tax. This means you should only see the red Box as sort of a "demo station" were you pay let's $2.25 to try out a game and decide if it's worth the $60 dollar investment. I know I would've loved to have this option be or 8 bought Metroid: Other M.

Dear reader, what do you think of this new development? Isn't the price a little too high?

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