Can Call of Duty Black Ops Make You Fat?

Will getting addicted to playing Call of Duty Black Ops make you fat? It most definitely probably will my friend. I did my own statistics and surveyed two people. Ever since the game came out they have done nothing but play all day--they are what you might consider addicted.

So what has happened to their weight? Well being stuck to the TV and playing online all day has caused them to ignore their mothers and instead grab some quick fast food. And we all know what happens when you eat burgers and carne asada fries for an extended period of time:

You Get Fat.

Its not unusual for gamers to turn fat now a days, in fact some publishers expect it! gain enough experience in Uncharted 2 and you unlock Doughnut Drake.

 Doughnut Drake Image and Info Here.

In the online multiplayer you need an insane amount of experience. This consists of 2 million dollars and a minimum of level 60. For you this means spending days, weeks, even months playing online. Eventually though--in between those months--your gonna want to eat something on the fly. Getting into this habit will eventually cause you to turn into an overabundant gamer. But an overabundant gamer with experience :)

So if this has happened to you, whether it was by playing too much Call of Duty or any other game, don't worry--at least you have something that your proud of under your belt.
[Please note this is not based on any studies, just my personal experiences]

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