Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game - Updates And Everything!

Yes folks, its official. Modern Warfare 3 is coming this November. Check out the 34
second teasers Which they obviously made in under an hour due to all the leaks:

What do you guys think? Is this going to be badass or what? I know you want more, so here's your one way pass to coolness: MW3 <--Click and drag that to your bookmarks bar. This post will be updated with all the latest news on your soon to be favorite game of all time.

Latest Update[March 14, 6:32]:
Here's your first does of information. There has been 4 teaser trailers in total. All featuring different locations and some guy saying different stuff in Russian. Thankfully some hardcore fans provided translations:

New York City, United States - "One, will destroy the enemy's hope of victory."

London, England - "Two, use everything to your advantage."

Paris, France - "Three, take advantage of your enemies weaknesses."

Berlin, Germany - "Four, attack from the blind side."

This information was pretty much hijacked from here. I suggest you check it out.
It looks like Kotaku also has a bunch of stuff for you to read.

ATTENTION! There will be a gameplay trailer today at around 6pm! [5/21]

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