Details On Sony's Customer Appreciation Program - 2 Free Games

So the "Welcome Back" program is now known as the "Customer Appreciation" program. In their blog, Sony revealed today more mouth-watering details, including the addition of not one, but two free full entire games that you get to keep for ever. Of course you're also getting a months subscription of PlayStation Plus!

It's previous PlayStation Plus subscribers that get the biggest bang however, as they will get a full 60 days of free PlayStation Plus.

All PlayStation Network Customers are allowed to choose two games from the following list:
-Dead Nation
-Super Stardust HD
-Wipeout HD + Fury

PSP Users can expect to get two of the following:
-ModNation Racers
-Pursuit Force
-Killzone Liberation

Take not to the fact that the they specifically said "customers"! This means you must have previusly donwloaded something off the network in order to qualify. That is my guessing, so don't get hoped up.

There will also be a selection of movie titles that will be available to rent for free, again they specifically mention PSN customers. The movie titles available have not yet been revealed. But once they are they will be here. so Free PS stuff <--click and drag to your bookmarks bar to stay in touch with this page.

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