E3 - Sony Is Doing It Live

"@#$% It, We'll Do It Live!" 
It seems Sony has decided to do it live this year. This year is going to be so great that we're all doing it live now. Well, not me. Sony will be delivering you their press conference in very good quality if not the best. It will be right here in their blog.

It starts as early as June 6th! They will also be setting up a chat module of some sort so that we can all participate and ask questions to the developers they'll be pulling in while the floors are open.

In this post you'll also notice they talk about 100 3-day passes they have. What would you suppose they do with them? Give them away to deserving PlayStation Fans of course! They made up a little quiz and if you passed you would be considered for a 3-day pass, but it was only for the people that would be around the E3 area, so if you were to be in Africa from June 6-7th, you couldn't fill out the form. But unfortunately Sony had hundreds and hundreds of submissions so the quiz is no longer available. I was one of the lucky ones to fill one in while it was still open.

But even if I don't get an awesome free pass from Sony, we all still get to see it in the blog! Man, having blogs is pimpin'.

Please note Sony did not say the "F" word! That's a quote from Bill O'Reilly :D

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