Finally A Game For Gay People

Yes, it's true.
Mass Effect 3 will allow you to dive into same sex relationships! Not really a game for gay people. More a game that let's you be gay.

So if you are a really attractive female gamer you can be cool and go girl on girl on the game. And if you're a guy and gay then, whatever floats your boat man. Of course if you are a straight guy, I guess you could also choose a female Commander Shepperd and go girl on girl.

The executive producer behind Mass Effect 3, Casey Hudson, has confirmed it on his twitter. Yup, he was "Happy to confirm" it. But of course if you want this to happen, you have to try to get it. It wont just happen, you must pursue your in-game love.

This has also happened in Mass Effect 2, but only if you chose a female Commander Shepperd. In this game you had the chance to get with Kelly Chambers. I saw this on IGN.

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