Google Chrome Expands With Angry Birds

As you might have noticed Google Chrome has changed quite a bit. I mean just look at their new Chrome logo:

 Do you like it? It's simple, but...
Google has also anounced that the web store will be available to the entire user base in 41 different languages. can you even name 15 different languages? That's a lot.
Note that it has been reported by Mountain view that Chrome has gained an incredibly 160 million users, thats more than 110% increase from last year.

And the biggest news is that if you go to the Chrome Web Store right now, you can play Angry Birds for FREE.

Yes, now you can play in your computer.
One big thing I noticed though is that this is all for promoting Google Chrome but you can also just play Angry Birds if you are on Safari of Firefox. Unfortunately some Internet Explorer users wont be so lucky. You might get a message telling you to "Teach the Pigs a Lesson" by installing Google Chrome, of course they are referring to the bad evil piggies in the game.

 Yeah, bad pigs!
About the game.
It plays pretty much the same, instead of using your finger like on the iPod or iPhone, you click your mouse to pull and release to send the little birdies flying. I did however find that the controls are better suited for the touch screen, it just doesn't give you the same feel, even though the screen is bigger. Clicking just doesn't feel as natural as using your fingers. But at least it's free, and if you've ever wanted to try this immensely popular game, now is your chance. Unless you're on IE.


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