Google Testing New Search Makeover And Implements New Search Algorithm

Last Saturday some people got the chance to try out a new way to Google.  The overall design of the search results pages has changed drastically according to an

To me it sounds cooler, what about you?
article on International Business Times:
"the pages are less cluttered, with noticeably wider spacing and row heights. The colors, not exactly garish to begin with, are even less intense than before."
I tried to find a picture of this, but no luck. Google is trying out this new look in limited numbers. If you want to read more on how this new proposed design looks check out the article here.

This new look might have to do with Googles new search algorithm. As reported on the same website, Google had to create a new more advanced algorithm due to the fact that evil companies were getting first page rankings specifically because of their evilness. Click here to read the report on that.

To summarize it, it talks about how owner Vitaly Borker purposely abused his customers with cyber bullying tactics so that they would negatively comment on his website. Basically the same thing that happens on  Justin Biebers' videos, so many people don't like it that it becomes so popular and rises to the top. But don't worry, the evil Mr. Borker was arrested on counts of interstate threats and Cyber-bullying.

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