How To Redeem Sonys PSN Welcome Back Program

I'm sure your all wondering just how the heck you can redeem your promised PalyStation Network "Welcome Back" offer. Keep reading to find out how you can reap the rewards. Sony just announced that it goes live today June 3rd and :)
Instructions at the bottom! Scroll down now!!!

PSN Offer <--Click and drag that to your bookmarks bar so you can come back here and check if any new news is available.

Update[5/20]: The offer will probably be redeemable as soon as the PlayStation Store is up and running and that's probably gonna happen as soon as 4 days from now.

Update[5/21]: Looking for SCEE details on the Welcome back program? YES! - No.

Update[5/24]: I am getting infuriated! I want the PlayStation Store Now! Maybe the fact that the PSP is getting System Software Update 6.39 means something... That we are about to get the PS store! or maybe it means nothing, maybe it just means that the PSP is getting an update.

Also big news just developed, the PSN is going through some maintenance and it's been confirmed that the store will definitely not be up today or anytime soon. But for sure by the end of the month.

Update[5/27]: The PlayStation Store should be up and running within 3-4 days for sure! hey maybe even tomorrow :)

Update[6/2]: The PlayStation Store is now up! my insomniac girlfriend woke me up at 3:47am to tell me that somebody had informed me that the PS Store had been restored :)

There are a bunch of new game demos, new full game trials, free games and DLC, free avatars and a bunch of other stuff you can find if you dig around(More Info Here). However, you can not redeem the welcome back offer just yet, but rest assured once I know, Instructions will be posted up in here!

Welcome Back Offer starts tomorrow for existing PlayStation Plus Members. Very important that you check it out as the offers will soon expire!

Update[6/3 9:51am]:
The welcome back program has been revealed!
This was revealed seconds ago! Below are the instructions :)
Thank you for visiting!

How To Redeem The Welcome Back Program

For starters, you must know, you get 2 free PS3 games AND 2 free PSP games.

Heres how you do it:
Head to the PlayStation Store and you should see a big Welcome Back Program thing, you select it and...

I suggest you don't jump in right now, there are a lot of errors...
I was trying to download my games but then errors came up and the offer disappeared and I got nothing :(
I really urge you to wait for things to get fixed. But if you just can't wait, here you go:

If you notice, at the very top of the PlaySation Store you see "Welcome Back"

Select Welcome Back. As you can see there are six offers:

Select and offer, I selected Free PS3 Game 1:

Once there, you have to select Free PS3 Game 1 again and redeem it, then you can choose a game. I know, it's weird.

What about our free 30 Day PlaySation Plus!?
That is also available in the welcome back program section of the PlayStation Store, you can't miss it! If you want to wait and not waste it, you get until July 3rd to get it. but you must know there are currently some awesome PS+ offers that expire in just 4 days.

Current PlayStation Plus Members do not have to do anything to get the extra free 60 days, they are automatically added to your account.

EU people can click here for some good instructions from the EU PlayStation Blog.

ATTENTION! Please know the Welcome back Program has expired! Click Here.

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