"I Survived The PSN Blackout"--Well Not Yet My Friend

I was checking the PlayStation Blog and came across an ingenious comment by user s1mpl3______j4ck. Yeah that's the guys user name. Here's the comment:

Very good idea, this would be great for a shirt!
I was thinking I could Photoshop something up. Nothing too fancy, just something that gets the point across. Something that can be plastered on a shirt. But lets slow down! I will release it when we all survive! the battle is not over. Sony still has countless problems they are dealing with and the PSN is not online yet. Another thing to keep is mind is that cnet has reported that a 3rd attack on Sony is imminent. Whoever these hackers are, they are out for blood. We need to support Sony in their efforts as they have proven to be doing what is in our best interest.

I just hope Sony survives... Every day it seems more and more that they are taking heavy damage.

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