Is Facebook Going To Buy Skype? Or Is Google Going To Buy Skype?

Who is going to buy Skype? Well since nothing has been officially confirmed as of right now I can only say these are rumors. But they come from very credible sources.

It seems to me that currently, behind the curtains, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is involved in the discussions that have just started. Google is also said to be interested in at least having Skype join their team, but Google doesn't really need Skype because they already have Google Talk and Google Voice. They probably just don't want Facebook to get Skype.

Who ever doesn't get it is probably gonna look bad.
So in the coming weeks, expect to hear something about this and maybe in the coming months you'll see Skype under a new web giant. I'm not sure how long these things usually take, but the deals are very pricey. Skype is said be worth around 5-6 billion, but Facebook is talking 3-4 billion. Of course if Google wants Skype they'll easily throw in $7 billion(that's just my say).

Would you want Facebook to buy Skype? Or should people just stick to the instant messaging Facebook currently has?

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