Microsoft Took The Plunge And Bought Skype

It wasn't the rumored Facebook or Google who ended up buying Skype, in fact, this came as a complete surprise to me, It was Microsoft that made the 8.5 billion dollar deal. But as a gamer why should you care? Well if you have an Xbox you should know
that Microsoft will be merging Skype with your 360. That's probably good news since I'm guessing you will be able to call other Skype users for free right from your Xbox.

This looks nice, maybe it was a good move by Microsoft.
If you don't already know, Skype user made over 200 billion minutes of video and voice calls last year. This makes Skype the largest provider of international calling services in the world. With all this you'd think they were loaded, and they are but they don't make as much as they should due to the fact that their service is mostly free.

And this brings people to believe Skype is dying cause, but Microsoft sees the potential. They are going to implement Skype into their phones and the xbox and everywhere they can! But this makes you wonder, what about iPod and iPhone users? They have that Skype app, does this new move mean Microsoft will prevent iOS users from using Skype? The answer is no, Microsoft has promised to support Skype on other software platforms, so nice of them.


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