PSN Restoration Begins For EU

The PSN restoration is nearly comple for all US members but what about EU members and all the rest?
Well a quick look at the EU blog lets us all know that the process has begun. They
don't have a map to show you when your region will be ready for you to update and change your password, instead they will inform you through twitter.

So to check when your region will be up and ready for online be sure to check @PlayStationEU. That is of course if twitter isn't over capacity as it usually is...

As of right now, they are experiencing heavy traffic! so be patient, or wait a little before you try to go online and update and everything.

As of right now services are restored to these places:
New Zealand
South America
Middle East

Here's the guide to changing your password. Keep in mind you probably can't see it as it is going through some "essential maintenance".

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