Remember That Free Identity Protection Sony Offered?

Well today you can now finally take full advantage of the offer. The offer Sony has presented to use has an estimated value of over $100. But who really needs this? I mean how many times have you gotten your ID stolen online? oh yeah, once. but nothing happened, Sony saved the day by taking the PSN down, now it's
all fixed. But for future reference I guess you can go the safe way and sign up for this thing. It's AllClear ID PLUS! I mean how many times have you had the pleasure of signing up for a service and getting the PLUS. Not many. In fact, probably never.

Here's the link to get started. When you visit that link, you will see the option to input your email, and it has to match the your PlayStation Network account email.

So once you put in your valid email and click submit, you have to wait up to 72 hours for an email which will contain your AllClear ID PLUS activation code. There will probably be further instructions on that email.

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