Sony Offering Free "AllClear ID Plus" Identity Theft Protection

No this doesn't mean you get money. But what you get is actually worth $119.4. That is a dumpload of money of my friend, and it all goes to keeping your identity safe, just in case your credit card information did get stolen and gets abused and what not.

Sony revealed the details today in their Blog.
Whats going to happen is that Sony will send you an activation code and you will have until June 18th to sign up directly from AllClearID. (Check your email constantly! This will probably happen as soon as PSN is back online)

Here are the main points of the program:
-So if you are a super gamer and have a million dollars connected to your PSN and for some reason you become the victim of identity theft, you will get your 1 million dollars right back :)
-And if you think that somebody is trying to steal your identity to buy Fat Princess, you have access to an on-staff licensed private investigator so you can go all CSI on the culprits.
-Finally, you get monitoring and surveillance up the butt. Including monthly status reports so that you can sleep easy.
-This and more is part of the free 12 month service you are getting from the AllClearID Plus membership.

All compliments of Sony. You see? Sony is hella pimp. They are giving nearly 70 million users a $119.4 value, that's $8,358,000,000!!! yeah that's 8.3 billion dollars! let's be thankful.

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