TemSense Technology Will Cool Your Xbox 360 (The Slim One)

So you have one of them sleeker more pimp looking 360s? I bet you like it so much you play all the time right? Well aren't you worried about it overheating?! You have to protect your Xbox and the smart folks at CTA Digital know this, which is why they have created an Auto Cooler!

Just look at this beast! It makes your 360 look twice as pimp, thereby creating a chemical reaction which automatically keeps it between 5-35 degrees Celsius! Not really, it actually has two fans at the bottom powered by a tiny usb cable hidden in the back.

Don't worry though, it takes up one USB slot but gives you 3 right back. Zoom In:

See? 3 spankingly wonderful USB slots. By the way this beauty is not yet available, but you can pre-order from amazon right now:

Ha! It's just 30 bucks. Yikes...-but hey! scroll up--It makes your 360 look like a powerful machine that you can keep playing forever without overheating :)

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