What Happened To The PSN Welcome Back Program?

You might be wondering where you can redeem the "Welcome Back Offer" that Sony promised right? You might also still be eager to try out the InFAMOUS 2 Beta. And what about the Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP Weekend that we all missed?

Fear not my friends it's all coming in due time. Sony revealed today their latest PSN FAQ where they answer all of your current burning questions.

In the FAQ post, they let us know that the Welcome Back Offer mentioned by Kazua Hirai is still up for brags, but they are tremendously busy, so hang tight! They will be revealing how to redeem it and what is in it, in the coming days :)

InFAMOUS fans might have been ticked off at not being able to try the beta, but you might already know, Sucker Punch has indicated that they plan to extend the beta and even expand its scope. Stay tuned for further details.

One other big mention is the Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP Weekend. This was supposed to be the second and it was supposed to start Friday May 4 and last the weekend, but of course PS3 users had no online. So will there be another chance for us to rack up some XP twice as fast? The short and sweet answer is yes. We just have to wait for things to settle down and of course our EU friends all have to get connected too.

If you want to read the complete FAQ visit the PlayStation Blog. They have some more info on other stuff like SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Community and what exactly is available for you to do with the network right now. And no, the PlayStation Store is not up yet.

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