When Is A New Xbox Comming Out? Are They Even Making One?

I'm no genius but I can assure you, Microsoft is working hardcore around the clock to bring you a new Xbox. A lot of people love their Xbox so much that I'm betting the 360's successor will have Xbox in the name. So what will it be called?
Xbox 720? Xbox 3? Xbox X? Xbox Infinite? Whatever difficulties Microsoft may be having on coming up with a good name, they still have a lot of time to decide.

Such a nice logo.
Because Electronic Arts isn't even making games for it yet.
ComputerAndGames.com published a post a few hours ago explaining the situation. You see, these guys said that Microsoft had given EA an early version of the next Xbox so that they can immediately start making games, thereby implementing a shocking reveal at this years E3!
Great news right? It was, until EA spokesperson Jeff Brown was like "This story is a total fabrication - 100 percent NOT true." Bummer... But why even care what EA is saying? How is this relevant you ask?

EA is one of the most successful developers. So whatever they are doing should be a big indicator. Also keep in mind that if EA DID get and early Xbox successor, they would be sworn to secrecy, so they would not be aloud to tell anyone about it. So it's logical that they would deny receiving anything.

All of this, along with Project Cafe, is adding up to an impressive E3 this year. What do you think?

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