Why Hasn't The PlayStation Network Been Fixed Yet?

 It has, click here.
I don't really have any real news yet but I am betting you are wondering because it's been too long. So why isn't the PlayStation Network back up? well it has to do a lot
with security. Sony stated in the US PlayStation Blog yesterday that they will not put the PSN back online unless they feel it's completely safe.

yeah, they still don't think it's hacker proof. That's why it's not back up.
Yeah I don't like the news either. I just wanted to clarify this for the people that don't like reading their blog. I don't blame you, sometimes they don't even post up real updates. 

The Sony EU PlayStation Blog on the other hand does a better job at giving you the down low. They have the same posts except that if you visit the blog you will notice that at the top right corner there is an online/offline indicator, and right there you can instantly see the status of the PlayStation Network. 

 Why doesn't the US version of the Blog have this?!
So you might want to check that blog first instead of going to other sites for news that you've probably already heard. Because at this point I think we just have to wait it out. The next peace of relevant news will be "The PlayStation Network is back up!". And that's all we really care about, right?

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