Xbox 360 To Start Updating Today - Includes PayPal Support

Listen up Xbox users, your Xbox 360 is getting an update today. The update will come out in waves over the next few weeks and the biggest thing coming is the ability to connect to your PayPal account, allowing you to buy stuff directly from your Xbox. What else is coming up?

The update also brings your Xbox support for the new disc format known as XGD3, which will add 1GB of extra storage space. The other trick your Xbox will learn is the ability to put itself in stand-by mode automatically after an hour of inactivity. This feature will automatically be activated and if you like to waste power you can of course turn it off in the settings somewhere. And finally more anti-piracy software will be shoved down its throat.

The awesome PayPal capabilities will of course allow you to pay for Microsoft points and Marketplace content. I'm also guessing, If you have never tried Netflix, you can also probably get a 30 day free trial right from your Xbox when you hook it up PayPal.

All of this of course relies on you connecting to Xbox live just like Major Nelson says:
"you will know you've received it when you turn on your Xbox 360 console, connect to Xbox Live and receive a notification to download the update."
So if you don't pay for the service-forget about it. Or you know, freaking pay the 60 bucks. You don't need a new game! You need Xbox LIVE!

It's so shiny...

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