Yes, The PlayStation Network Is Back Up!

Go! Go! Go!
It's back on, so get the fudge off the computer and go play some online games!
Yes it's true, the PSN is back up and ready for... some stuff and some people  :)

The casualties were massive but for those of use who survived, we may now enjoy our new, more secure online world. So now let us FIGHT! in Mortal Kombat! or go play whatever online game you've been wanting to play so much. I for one cay say I can't wait to play some Uncharted 2 online and then buy some Rock Band songs. You know I bought a $50 PSN card like right on the day the PSN went down! I was pissed! I thought it would only last two hours at the most--but nooo! We had to break records here.

OK, I'm exaggerating here, we can't play online yet :( all you got is an update. So go update now and then come back for some more details here. I'm updating my PS3 right now too.

Once you have updated your PS3 you can hurry and buy your PSN shirt here while they are still on sale.

Also remember the contest! Nobody seems to be wanting that free shirt, so if you participate you have a high chance of winning!

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