Error 80710D36 When Trying To Redeem PS3 Welcome Back?

I'm sure a lot of people have been having errors left and right today while trying to redeem they're stuff. So here's what you do.

You can do one of two things. Either A, you keep trying, or B, you quite and come back later when everything runs a bit smoother.

You might also be getting these errors:

What the heck do they mean? I'm not sure, but does it really matter? All we care about are our games!
You can just ignore all the errors and keep trying, click here to see how I got my two free games :)
Or better yet, I'll copy and paste the important part right here for your convenience:

How To Get Past All The Errors And Get Your Free Games

What can I do? I can ignore all the errors and keep trying, that's what!

I finally got my games by trying and trying. I ignored the errors and kept pressing X until it worked. If you tried to redeem and the offers are now gone as pictured above but you did not get your games here's what you can do:

Go back to the XMB menu and under PlayStation Network, choose Account Management.
Remember you might get an error such as 80710D36, ignore that shizznit and try again. and again. and again. Until finally, you get in!

Once your in select Transaction Management.

Then go down to Services List. If you get an error, it will show an empty list, you have to go back and retry until finally you get a list of at least one item: SCEA Promotion.

Select SCEA Promotion. And there you should see your offers once again.

Select an offer and from there you should be able to download your games. Once again, there will be errors left and right, just ignore them until you see the little red bag appear by the game(This means it's now in your download history.)

After countless error messages, my two games are now downloading :)

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