Europe PSN Still Down?

It seems a lot of people still can't get online. I have checked the Europe Blog and it doesn't say online anymore, that's probably because of the maintenance they are doing right now. And if you see in the AE(Allied Europe, I think) website, it's downright off. If you have not gotten your password
reset, no worries, here are a few things you can do.

Go here - It's a list of frequently asked questions, but most importantly at the end you get a nice list of some contact information for each region. That's right, you get a local phone number or email so you can get in touch with somebody that can actually get your password reset or get you through some troubles you may be having.

Follow this guide - After you have updated your system, you can reset your password by following some simple instructions(You don't even need the guide!)
or Follow this guide - If you can't reset your password from the PS3 and it instead sends you an email, you can follow this guide that tells you how to do it via your computer.(This might not work as they are going through some hardcore maintenance! so you might have to resort to #3.)

Wait it out - In just a few weeks(Maybe a month) everyone in the world will have all PlayStation stuff back online. And then after some time the lines will clear and you will get quick email responses and what not.

It's off right now, so it might be hard trying to reset a password.

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