Project Cafe Revealed - Wii U Controller

We didn't really get to see how the console itself really looks like or any specs for that matter, but Nintendo did show off the new controller.

Here how it looks:

This is the Wii U controller :)
Nintendo at E3 showed off a number of ways this controller will once again revolutionize gaming. I must say, I am intrigued. Even though I did not like the controller, I think it will actually play good. I definitely see new possibilities. One thing to note though, The controller itself is not the system, it is not meant to be portable. The system actually streams the video directly to the controller, and without any delay :)

Here you can kinda see the new system looks like a regular Wii, but they haven't announced it yet so it's just a prototype:

I also saw some surprising faces at Nintendo's E3 Press conference. There were third party supporters that we had never seen before at Nintendo's E3. EA was actually there supporting Nintendo!

Wait, I found this at Nintendos E3 website:

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