Google Plus Hits The Airwaves - Invite Only

Google is at it again, recreating what we already know and love, for the ever expanding web. Social networking is one of the biggest dominating factors on the wen today. Facebook rules these streets with 3 quarters of a billion users worldwide. Google being the internet giant that it is, wants a piece of this
cake, so they decided to step in with something fresh. Google is always bringing us the best experiences we can have on the web, they tend to make life a little bit simpler.

In my opinion Facebook is good and all, but its not really tailored to you, its more focused on itself and.. other peoples statuses which are now spammed with chain letters and such. Random people are always adding you and its all just a big social mess.

Google, I think, takes all of this in consideration and just makes it much more simpler and asks the question, what is social networking all about? It's about YOU and your friends.

Thus, they introduce, Google+ :)

Aren't we all just eager to join?
Well, I know I sure as heck am, but like any new Google creation, it's invite only.

Hey, you can now ignore the stuff below because has free invites! You don't have to do anything, just ask here :)
Finally you found free darn invites.

hmm... so unless we know somebody with an account, we can't get in ey?
Luckily I know somebody!

It's this guy at All that is asked is that you add them on facebook and twit about it :)
pretty simple ey? Yes! Go do it now!

There is also who is offering invites, their requirements are the same. Facebook Like and twit.

Visit all these sites to get an invite, I know I will.

If all else fails, you can buy you way in to Google plus! Yeah you read correctly, invites are being sold via eBay! just do a search on their site and you should get some stuff to pop up. But I am not so sure about this one. It might or might not work, try it at your own risk!

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