Hows The Uncharted 3 Beta?

The Beta is great! It's more than great actually, it's outstanding. With the latest update version, the gameplay is near perfection. It's so good that Naughty Dog has announced that literally millions of players have signed up to play.

That is one badass game.

If you have not gotten the chance to play the game or have not been so interested, here is some gameplay for you to enjoy:

If you find bugs and stuff in the game, then you should report them to Naughty Dog here. I mean, that IS the whole point of the Beta :)
But of course you can just play and have fun playing a game that is not even out yet!

The link above is for the forum, not only can you tell them about bugs you think you found but you can also tell them how you like the game, or what you hate about it and stuff.

You can also go right here to their official blog for more details on the beta.

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