What Maps Are Available To Play In Uncharted 3 Beta?

The Uncharted 3 Beta has launched and it's actually been a big hit, not surprise there. I've been very busy playing the game with my girlfriend and I must say, it's been very fun. But enough about me, lets get down to business. What Maps can you play in the beta?
Well right now you can only play two different maps. They are the Airstrip and Chateau. On the very first day I started playing the Beta, the first Map I played in was actually the Yemen Map, it was a very nice map. The first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of detail in the environment. Unfortunately that one time was the only time I got to play that Map because I guess they had put it on accident. They took it off later in the day with Beta Ver. 1.01.

Thankfully though, the Yemen Map will be back on July 10. It will actually replace the Chateau Map :(

Now here's a better look at the Maps:

If you have not played the game, you should get your butt to the PSN and download it NOW. Today is the last day you can play Chateau! Tomorrow it will be replaced by Yemen. And I THINK that you will also be able to Play the Syria Map in Co-Op Adventure.

Be sure to check out the beta details for more great videos on all the multiplayer modes at the official Naughty Dog Blog.

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