Grand Theft Auto V Official Teaser

Finally, it's out. Grand Theft Auto 5 Official Teaser Trailer:

And for your further viewing pleasure, here are some awesome GTA V screenshots:
Might this character be CJ? Could CJ be a playable character in GTA 5? Fingers crossed, Carl Johnson was a great character.
The police car says "Obey and Survive" I thought it was funny.
This Homeless person in GTA V resembles Niko Belic, although it's obviously not him.
This final screenshot I think shows some nice colors, very nice, I mean look at those freaking trash cans, they look legit.
This whole foreclosure thing, it seems that this game will take place in current times when the economy has gone to hell and everyone is losing their homes. From the trailer I think it's obvious to say this game will take place in San Andreas. Overall, it was pretty cool teaser. Can't wait to see more of this game.