What is the Next Xbox Going To Be Called?

Surely we are all wondering this. Everyone assumes 720 because it is 360 x 2. But you have to understand the meaning behind the name, Xbox 360.

When Microsoft decided on the name, they were talking about 360 degrees as in a complete circle. As in Xbox 360 covers every part of your life(The entertainment part of your life that is... and excluding *cough porn *cough.) From video games, to movies, to music, to having fun and interacting with friends. Pretty nice name... Xbox 360... They thought of everything...

However. They forgot about one tiny little thing. The next generation. What the heck are they gonna call the next generation Xbox? Surely it can not be 720 because that's just... amateur. Something that a 12 year old would come up with.

Same as before though, the name will be embedded on a meaning. The next Xbox will expand on the principals of the 360. And from that, Microsoft will find a name that has nothing to do with 720. If you ask me though, I would just drop the numbers and keep it simple: Xbox. And every time a new one comes along, call it the new Xbox. Just like apple is doing. It makes perfect sense because all in all, it's the same product--just expanded and improved. So keep it simple Microsoft and refer to them by generation, no? Yes.

What do you think the next Xbox might be called? Xbox Next..? Maybe.

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