All The Big Trailers of E3 2012

Stay in the loop with this years best of E3 list right here. Check it out, the big games and their respective trailers are all in one place.

The following are EXCLUSIVES. For multi-platform games like Call of Duty, click here. For a FULL list of every single game that showed its face, click here.

Xbox 360

Halo 4 | Release Date: November 6, 2012

Microsoft started their E3 2012 Press Conference with none other than Halo 4.

Gears of War: Judgement | Release Date: 2013

Miss Gears of War? Don't with this sweet teaser!

PlayStation 3

The Last of Us | Release Date: Early 2013

Acclaimed developer Naughty Dog is at it again. The unrivaled story telling of the Uncharted series is clearly seen here, but this is by no means Uncharted. It's its own game and different in more ways than you can count. For one, you can shoot people in the face with a shotgun and their head will explode.

Beyond: Two Souls | Release Date: ????

Academy Award Nominee, Ellen Page will star in Quantic Dream's next big game. If you are not familiar with Quantic Dream, they were the ones that made 2010's game of the year, Heavy Rain. Earlier in this year they showed off Kara, which was simply a prototype to show off what they can do on the PlayStation 3 in real time. These people know what they are doing as you can see, the characters end up portraying stunning emotion. Even the 6 year old Casting Trailer for Heavy Rain is still impressive.

God of War: Ascension | Release Date: March 5, 2013

It's God of War, no more needs to be said. Kratos the man who's always out for vengeance is still mad at world, in the past. He will not rest, he will even come back from the dead, to decapitate all!

Wii U

Pikmin 3 | Release Date: ????

Beloved by possibly millions, Pikmin brings some amazingly addictive gameplay. Certainly one of the most unique IPs ever conceived, expanded graciously in the third installment.

ZombiU | Release Date: ????

It seems the original title, Killer Freaks, got a make-over. Freaks turned into Zombies and voila! You have ZombieU. Unlike in other zombie games, in this one, when you die your survivor stays dead and you take over a different survivor who of course is able to take over all your old equipment and stuff.

And that's all I got, did I miss any? Which one's are you most looking forward?

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