Is Carl Johnson In Grand Theft Auto 5?

Carl Johnson in
GTA 5?

Everybody wants to know, is CJ in GTA5? Maybe he is... Maybe he isn't. No, actually he's not. I'm sorry... bummer. I know it sucks, but the chances of CJ making a physical appearance in GTA5 are about... .0001%

The proof is in the pudding. Christopher Bellard, the guy who did Carl Johnson's voice in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas confirmed on April 4th, 2012 that he is not in Grand Theft Auto V. He goes by Young MayLay and talked about his involvement with GTA5 on Twitter, check out the tweet bellow.

All that we really know about GTA5 is what we get from the trailer. If you want to be updated with all the latest trailers and all things Rockstar, make sure you subscribe to Rockstars Games' YouTube Channel.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of the best games ever made and CJ was and still is one of the most memorable characters in videogames. It would be so awesome to get to play as CJ again.

This badass trailer brings back so many memories...
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