All the God of War Games Ever

How Many God of War Games Are There?
There are a total of 7 games in the God of War series. 4 home console titles, 2 PSP titles, and 1 mobile title.

What are the names of all the God of War Games?
Here's a list in order of release date of every God of War game:

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God of War(video game)

If you missed any of the God of War games, be sure to check out their trailers!

Original PS2 God of War Trailer

PS2 God of War 2 Trailer

PS3 God of War 3 Trailer

Mobile God of War: Betrayel Trailer

PSP God of War: Chains of Olympus Trailer

PSP God of War: Ghost of Sparta Trailer

PS3 God of War: Ascension Trailer

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