Saints Row 4 Official Trailer - Stephen Colbert Is the President?

"Fuck it, you're the President" - Steve Jaros (Creative Director)

“I have concept art that’s amazing. It’s Stephen Colbert on a battlefield holding the American flag, his sleeves are ripped off, he’s got a bald eagle tattoo. That’s Steven Jr.” said Steve Jaros in an interview with IGN. You can read more about it here: Saints Row 4 Had Stephen Colbert, Dragons, Monkey Summons.

Ultimately though, this is not a fact of the game. Steven Colbert will NOT be the president. Or maybe he will, who knows. But we can wallow in knowing that at one time, it was actually there--it was getting MADE and it coulda been!

The game had a bunch of other things stripped out of it because they were "too much" or "didn't make sense" like the Dragon. How the heck do you take away the dragon? How in the world is it too much for a game like Saints Row?! SAINTS ROW! A game that let's you slap around people with freaking dildos.

At the end of the day, this game is hilarious no matter how bad some people may think it is. Yeah It's gonna be stupid, but you will laugh your butt off at how stupid it is. And ain't that all worth it?