Cell Phone Users are Paying for Something That's Free

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Do you have a cell phone? Are you paying for talk and text? Then you're paying for something that's free on the internet. You see, it's the year 2013. Any type of data can be transmitted through the internet. So all you really need to pay for is internet--or as the phone companies call it, data.

On this very computer right now I can call a friend through the internet for free for as long as I want, no extra cost. How? Through my email client Gmail or Yahoo. It's really very easy. Once you do it, you'll wonder just how the heck do the big phone companies get away with charging you money for something that's free.

How come everyone doesn't just pay for internet on their phone and call for free? Well, you see, the funny thing is the phone companies saw this coming. Way back since the first iPhone. When Apple and AT&T came to be great big happy partners, it was all tied in tight with contracts.

Nowadays, all the big phone companies have these "contracts" with the people who have the power to provide you with free calls and text. This includes Apple, Google, Yahoo and more. Basically they can't let you use the web to call or text through their smartphones. That's why the Gmail app doesn't let you call or text like the full website even though it has the full power to do so for free.

The crazy thing is that without these contracts. There would be no need for an iPhone because the iPod Touch can do everything it's big brother can. AND it's smaller. You see we don't even need iPhones or any smartphone for that matter--we just need a device like the iPod. One that can connect to the internet and that's it. Through the internet, everything else is there. We just don't have this yet because there is no 3G iPod. There are 3G iPads but who would use that as a phone?
The iPod Touch can be a phone
Apple is not ready to make it's iPods 3G, 4G or LTE just yet because, like the phone companies, they are making piles and piles of cash off of Phones. Things we don't even need.

You see? We are paying for something we don't even need.

When will this end?
Some would say it's when the contracts expire. But me, I say we should know better. The phone makers love money just as much as the service providers. So they are gonna suck us dry for as long as they possibly can. Until of course someone saves us. Someone that has enough money and power to give us what is already free. Someone that has no such "contracts" with the phone companies.
Free Texting Apps Available
You may have noticed there are ALREADY free texting apps on smartphones. This is a step in the right direction. The inevitable future will be that one day you will only have to pay for one thing; that's internet. But right now we are suffering the costs and most people have no idea. Who will save use? The small solo apps that are already out are not big enough to do it.

If all goes as planned, I believe it will be Facebook. Facebook has it all. They don't have the "contracts" with the phone companies and they have a lot of money and power. Their power comes from their vast reach. How many people that have a phone or iPod Touch-like device have the Facebook app? A lot.

Last January, Facebook released a new feature which aloud anyone on Facebook to call any of their friends for free: Facebook launches free calling for all iPhone users in the US

For now this feature is sort of an easter egg to Facebook users. Not many people know how to actually do it. Here's a good guide for that if you were wondering: How to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi with Facebook Messenger for iPhone. My guess is Facebook only wants the people that WANT it, to use it. It is in the "testing" stage. With time, it will improve.

Step 2 for Facebook: Build your own phone. And so they have: Facebook Home. The HTC First launched last Friday. Soon enough Facebook might want to give you your own phone number. And once they've done that, well that's when everything will change. People will change. They will stop paying for what they can already get for free and the phone companies will either die out or adapt.

Can Facebook really be the one to trigger this? pfft. They have a billion monthly active users; of course they can.

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