Splinter Cell: Blacklist Coming to Wii U

Awesome news right now, Splinter Cell Blacklist will be on the Wii U too! Take a look a this screenshot:

If you need a refreshment on how awesome this game is going to be, take a look at first gameplay demo released back in 2012. It's kind of a walk-through with Creative Director Maxime BĂ©land. It's a promising game in the franchise but the one downside I see is Sam Fishers voice has changed! blasphemy!! Oh well--let's just pretend it's a different character.

You love this game now, don't you?
While we eagerly await August, here is some more footage. 8 minutes in the level "Abandoned Mill"

Other games of note Ubisoft will be releasing on the Wii U as well
Injustice: Gods Among Us

When is Splinter Cell Blacklist coming out for the Wii U?

Same as the other consoles! August 20, 2013

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