7 Things That Make Trevor Our New Favorite GTA Character

Everyone's favorite new character, Trevor Phillips. He's the coolest character since CJ if you ask me. If you did not see his super awesome trailer yet, click here to jump down and WATCH IT!


Trevor has a tattoo on his neck that reads "cut here." This tells us he's the kind of man to flirt with death.
Trevor has a tattoo that reads cut here


Trevor probably had his kidney stolen by the looks of this scar on his lower abdomen. Meaning he does not associate with the best kinds of people.
Trevor has a scar where he probably got his kidney stolen.


Trevor literally howls at the moon. This makes him the kind of guy you always want to be around because you know he's crazy and you never know what he's gonna do next. One moment he's showing you his lost kidney scar, the next he's howling at the moon.
Trevor is howling at the moon


Trevor will crash a car directly onto a moving train and jump out at the last second. He's like that buddy you can always dare to do anything and he'll just laugh about it at the end.
Trevor Jumping out of a moving car about to crash into a train.


Trevor will kick you out of a flying helicopter. Not only that, it's a police helicopter which he is obviously stealing. This also means he had to have kicked out a police officer prior to this incident. Actually, I don't think police officers on helicopters wear regular cop uniforms. So this picture is probably of him kicking out a police officer off his own helicopter.
Trevor kicking someone out of a flying helicopter.


Trevor will pee in your house. He doesn't care if you're a crank dealer. He will do it right in front of your lab. What is crank? it's meth. This is a meth lab and Trevor is peeing in the corner.


Trevor will shoot a moving vehicle hurdling towards him. No he wont get out of the way--he will shoot it in the face with a shotgun.

Trevor obviously does not care for his own well being. This man was driven to edge, and now he lives there. Trevor was made as the exact opposite of good-guy Michael. Once a friend and partner of Michael, he now lives his life as a drug addict maniac who's only in it for the thrill. It will certainly be interesting to see the character development in the game that only Rockstar can give us.

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