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Whats up with all the Amazon links?

linkvier is part of what's called Amazon Associates. All the links you see on this site are special links that will tell Amazon that we've refereed you to them. We then make a commission on whatever you buy from them, about 4%.

Our associate ID is linkvier0c-20 and links will usually look something like this in their naked form:

But we'll probably show you something like this: Get your awesome 7" Link plus!

Or this if the entire post is specifically about that item:
Get Link 7" Plush

So I have to pay 4% more!?

Not at all. the prices are all the same but by clicking any Amazon link and buying something, you greatly help keep this website alive.

Why are you telling us this?

Transparency. We believe in an honest work ethic and honesty is the best policy.

You enjoy spending all that money on yachts?

As of now all proceeds go to renewing the website domain every year. That is how much we make a year from this, 10 dollars. If ever the amount goes up you can trust we will not self indulge but rather use it to give away prizes to our loyal readers.

How can I help?

You can help our site simply by buying the things you were already going to buy. Just click any amazon link on this site and then you're browser will receive a cookie that will let Amazon know we sent you.

AN easy way to keep our Amazon link under your belt is to choose one our famous homepages or just bookmark

How come you guys don't just have ads?

Because ads suck. Link exchange networks and Amazon will do just fine without hindering user experience on the site.

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