Pikmin 3 Release Date is August 4, 2013

Pikmin 3 release date of August 4 2013
Nintendo finally revealed the release date for Pikmin 3 on the latest Nintendo Direct. Pikmin 3 is scheduled for July 13th in Japan, August 4th in America, and July 26th in Europe. Along with the release date Nintendo also shared a couple more interesting things on the game. Including the names of the three playable characters.

They are Alpha, Captain Charlie, and Brittany. Interesting names, I know... And yes it's Captain Charlie, NOT Captain Olimar. Where is Olimar in Pikmin 3?

The story
These new brave souls are not from the same planet as Olimar. They are from the planet Koppai, while Olimar is from Hocotate. It looks like they are of the same species so Hocotatians have managed to colonize another planet which is now running dangerously low on food. The three characters have left their planet in search of food. They've now landed on the Pikmin planet.

Lucky for them, they find food in the form of fruits but, unfortunately the fruit is much, much bigger than they had anticipated so they are unable to carry the fruits themselves. Naturally, they find pikmin and proceed to enslave them, and so they are now able carry the fruits back to their ship.

They actually eat the various fruits themselves. Then they save the seeds and that's what they're going to be taking back to their planet.

The whole premise is very basic. Gather fruits and then go home. This game already apears to be missing the things that made the first Pikmin great. That sense of "hurry up, we only have 30 days to fix our ship before we die!" is totally gone. It was gone with the second Pikmin and it still managed to be fun so that isn't too big of a deal. But there still doesn't seem to be any hook, you know? sure they are about to run out of food, but why didn't they just go visit Hocotate? I'm sure they have plenty of food there. Especially now since Olimar is a very well known billionaire, he could have joined their team or something.

New to the series, now you can start your game from any previous day. So at any time, you can decide you did not like the entire week and go back a whole 7 days like nothing.

We still don't know everything on the game so we can't say for sure. You can expect all questions answered on E3 in just a few short weeks :)

This game houses so many control schemes you will likely discover a new way to play a year later after you've purchased it.

Here are the 5 different ways you can enjoy Pikmin 3
  • Wii U Gamepad+TV
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • Wii Remote Plus+Nunchuk+Gamepad
  • Wii Remote Plus+Nunchuck
  • Wii U Gamepad
Visit the Pikmin 3 Wikia for an in depth explanation of the control schemes.

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