Grand Theft Auto Online Official Reveal

This is your first view of the new Online world of Grand Theft Auto. It's an entirely new experience that can hold it's own. You could say it's an entire game. It's really incredible how Rockstar manages to do all this.

Grand Theft Auto Online Trailer

I wonder how deep the character customization will go. We already know that weapons and vehicle customizations will be far greater than we've ever seen in previous GTA games. Just one more month...

Be ready

I feel I can't stress this enough, this game is going to be amazing. Start selling everything now, you're gonna want to get it, that goes without saying but one thing you might not be aware of is the game will come with a mandatory 8GB install on the first run. This means when you finally get the game, you will be tortured for just awhile longer... Just make sure you have the space on your Hard Drive! If you are on 360 and will be using an external USB, Rockstar recommends you get a new one that is at least 16GB for optimal performance.

In the meantime don't, for the love of all that is great, fuck up your good controller.

You should really visit the Official GTA5 website, they have a bunch of really nice Screenshots. It's laid out in the pamphlet-style they usually ship their game manuals in.
Grand Theft Auto V Official Website
Grand Theft Auto 5 videos on YouTube: Rockstar Games Channel
Grand Theft Auto V Release Date: September 17, 2013

Tell Me: Online or Single Player?

Can we talk about how amazing this game is going to be? what is the first thing you'll be doing when you get it? Online or Single-player?

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