Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots
This is it. Possibly the final trailer we get before the September 17 release date. This one is all GTA awesome. You'll probably be seeing on TV sometime soon.

Even though it's a short trailer, like I said, it's all awesome. Here are some notable highlights.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots

Heavy Armor

We've seen real heavy duty armor in a lot of games in the past but never like this in a Grand Theft Auto game. The action will be far more chaotic this time around. Can you imagine how long you will survive with 5 stars with this! I can't wait to find out the cheat code for this thing.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots

Escaping Police

Police will be far more sophisticated in GTA 5. The AI just keeps getting smarter and it'll be up to you to play it smarter if you want to get away. I wonder if you can still just paint your car for a clean getaway... How the heck are the police keeping up with that Ferrari anyways?!

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots

Train Robbery

This game is all about planning and execution. You gonna be robbing a lot of jewelry stores, banks, liquor stores--but what about trains? I say its safe to bet there will be at least one train robbery in the game. I'm sure the folks are Rockstar North saw that one episode of Breaking Bad. How could they not build a train robbery mission after watching that episode? Why would they even bother putting in a train without the intent to let us rob it?

There's a desert. There's a train. There's goods in that train. We're gonna get to take those goods. I don't know if you remember but there is another trailer here, where we clearly see Trevor crashing a car head on to a train. That's proof enough. Speaking of proof, check out the last screenshot.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots

It's Real This Time

Do you see it? Next to michael's head. Yeah, I know. It's bigfoot. Sometimes people see jesus in stains but this time Rockstar gave us bigfoot. This is clearly proof of that. You can see the big furry head, an arm and feet. It's all there.

For years people have searched San Andreas for the mythical creature with no luck. Call me crazy, but I'm betting it's real this time.

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