How to Get A Job In Video Game Journalism

It's not easy

Starting your own blog is hard. You gotta try to make it stand out by picking a pretty template but no matter which one you chose you know it's already played out. You gotta worry about maintaining the whole blog and sharing the content on countless social networks. It's all so much and it takes you away from the real work, writing the content.

Advice from IGN

Join a smaller already established site instead

If you want to write / blog about videogames or movies then join Everything is already set up perfectly. All it needs is your content to really shine and break through. If you are serious about your passion, you want to start somewhere awesome. How can you apply to a big site like IGN or The Verge without a great portfolio?

Here you will have your own author page and you will be credited for all your work. After you've proven yourself and feel like you should be getting paid, you can move on and apply to the big websites out there. You will show them your great content on and surely they will take notice.


We use Zergnet for significant traffic boost. If you write great stuff, it'll likely get noticed and rack up thousands of views within the day. Creating this kind of content is key to getting you noticed by those big companies looking to hire great content creators.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. It's a tough field. But if you're serious, this is where you start. Greg Miller of IGN applied at IGN like 13 times until he finally got hired.

How do I join?

Starting out is easy. All you need to do is email JOIN@LINKVIER.COM

Include your full name and make sure you mention why you want to join and maybe some examples of stuff you have already done. Then We'll approve you to write for by giving you your own email address(Or you can keep your old one.) Once you sign in you head on over to and you will see Linkvier in your dashboard and you can start.

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay you real money. The advertisement revenue is abysmal and we are seriously considering getting rid of it. However being part of a site like this you will have the opportunity to attend trade shows such as Comic-Con and E3. How Much Do Game Journalists Earn?

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