The 3 Games We All Know Will Battle it Out For GOTY

Spoilers Emitted. You're welcome.

Bioshock Infinite

Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt.

Bioshock Infinite

This game was Great. Yes capital G bold great. It starts off simple enough. Rescue / Kidnap a girl and you'll wipe away that nasty debt you have. What kind of debt is our protagonist Booker Dewitt got on his back? It's all a really strange tale that reminds me of Shutter Island. Trust me, this is not something you will see coming. As for me the ending had me contemplating for days. I dare anyone to play this game all the way through without once scratching your head.

Bioshock Infinite was amazing start to finish. The world was just vibrant--so well polished. You can tell they took their time crafting the details of the world and the characters. The gameplay felt smooth and well crafted. In some games you lose and feel it was because of faulty mechanics--not here. Every time you lose, it's your own damn fault.

This game is an a league of its own compared to it's predecessors. If you tried the previous Bioshock games but didn't really get into them, this one will do more than get you hooked. Even if you don't like shooters, this one is worth a try.

Bioshock Infinite is definitely a fine contender for 2013 Game of the Year.

The Last of Us

After all we've been through ... Everything that I've done ... It can't be for nothing.

Ellie - The Last of Us
The Last of Us is a masterpiece. This game is a prime example of why we play games. You play as Joel, a guy who has shut down all his emotions to cope with what has become of a fungus infested world. He lives in a military quarantine zone with his best lady-friend and together, they're smugglers. One day you find yourself smuggling something out of the ordinary and so begins what might be your very last adventure.

One of my favorite lines from the game is "That was luck... and it's gonna run out." With all the batshit crazy stuff going around, you firmly believe and hopelessly wait for the moment everyone just dies. The Last of Us paints a world where everything has gone to hell. The fungus is here to stay and there is no hope. Everything you do is just for laughs and you are just waiting for your turn to die.

As humans though, we want to live. We find something to fight for and we become survivors. This is what The Last of Us is all about.

With Uncharted under their belt, Naughty Dog knows how to make a third person game. It should be no surprise that the gameplay is smooth. There's no wall climbing, but you wont miss it. You wont even notice it. You'll be too busy trying to stay alive, crafting weapons, and looking through the environment for useful stuff when you know the world is already dried up of the usefull stuff.

The game does a great job making you feel really immersed. You find yourself in situations trying to stay completely quiet so the enemy wont spot you. Much like in real life, the situation is tense, the enemy approaches your vicinity and you prey they just go away. You don't want a confrontation--but they see you! And all of a sudden in 1.34 seconds their face is smashed in the floor and you hear Ellie say "Holy shit, Joel." Yes, Holy Game-of-the-year-worthy shit indeed.

Grand Theft Auto V

Take-Two Interactive also owns 2k Games which made Bioshock Infinite. It's a happy year for T2.

Rockstar has confirmed the game has reached "Gold" status. Which means the game is 100% complete and there is now nothing stopping it from its September 17 release; or it's stab at that GOTY award. The game is not even out yet and we can all be certain of the quality we can expect from Rockstar.

After all this is not just a game, this is the hallmark of the entire Take-Two Interactive. T2 owns Rockstar and since 2000, they have enjoyed the super boost in cash they get everytime a new GTA game launches. Since 2000 to early 2009, their stock went from $6 to $13, to $5, to $26, to $11, to $27, and back to $6. T2 currently stands comfortably at about $19 dollars a share.

If you could think of the perfect game, chances are you'd come up with something strongly resembling GTA.

Newly refined gameplay, an amazing vast world, deep customization, and a brand new Online world. These are all the things GTA 5 has going for it. The pick-up-and-play sandbox will be bigger than ever this time around. Surely a contender for Game of the year 2013.

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