The Last of Us Interrogation Mode - A Free Update

Naughty Dog announced today a new Multiplayer game mode called Interrogation. It will be part of a free updated which will be deployed within the next 24 hours. Patch 1.03 will include a few minor fixes that will further enhance the multiplayer experience. It's all pretty much explained in the video they released.

So now you can kill someone performing an execution to stop them from getting all those extra Parts. This will make it a bit more difficult to kill people if it wasn't already hard enough.

Winning by a landslide will now reward you accordingly. This means if you barely win the match, you will get fewer bonus Parts than if you were to totally slaughter them 4-0. This wont mean you'll be able to prey on lvl ones though because they've fixed the matchmaking so that you are more likely to be matched with equally skilled players.

It all sums up to a far greater gaming experience.

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The Last of Us – Patch 1.03 Interrogation Mode

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