What is the Best Tablet of 2013?

Which is the best tablet out there? Well there are a quite a few out there and choosing the best one can be tricky. It all depends on what you want.

The difference between a tablet and a tablet PC

You might not know this but there are essentially two types of tablet. The first kind is the rich media type which you use to listen to music, play games, surf the web, stuff like that. This is the one everyone is familiar with and the type that dominates the market.

The second kind is the tablet PC which is a tablet that is full fledged computer. A lot website confusingly call regular media tablets Tablet PCs. These are usually not as thin as their less equipped brethren and cost substantially more.

The only candidates you need

If you've never owned one and wish to tread lightly, and iPad mini would be ideal. However if you really want to get your moneys worth with a tablet you won't need to replace 8 months later. I highly recommend the New Nexus 7. This one is really a thing of beauty. Well both machines look beautiful. These are the two very best so these are the only two I will be talking about.

Why we wont talk about specs

We're at point where things are moving so fast, they're almost indistinguishable. They've become quite irrelevant. Try judging the next fan you buy by the speed at which the blades will spin. There's just so much more to it now and I feel it's just not worth talking about it because at the end of the day the milliseconds in difference will not affect your experience with the device.

Of course that is not to say you can just go out and buy whichever device you want and expect greatness. These are the two best and as such their specs are both great.

The iPad Mini

It comes in black with a slate finish on the back and in White with a silver finish on the back. Holding an iPad mini is unlike anything else. It feels perfect. It has a semi retina display since the resolution is the same as the iPad 2. It's basically a smaller iPad 2 in every way. There are no compromises. You can find it on Amazon for about $340-$715 depending on the storage capacity and whether you want cellular.


Pioneered by Apple. The music experience on an iOS device is unrivaled. You can synchronize all your music from iTunes with ease. The music player is really finely tuned. You just can't go wrong here.


The default web browser, Safari, is a bit lackluster. it just doesn't stand out very much. It'll get the job done but it just wont make you feel "gee golly, I'm sure glad I bought this iPad." Thankfully, though, you can get the Chrome app from the app store! The Chrome app is way better on the iPad mini. It feels smooth and fast. Perfect. iOS 7 will be available soon for iPad mini and it will have a better Safari app much like the Chrome app.


As of June, 2013, there are over 900,000 apps in the app store. Selection along with quality is unprecedented on the iPad. The only downside here is the Operating System(iOS) feels really outdate. Every app you purchase will be in the main screen no matter what. you can't hide or lock certain apps. This means you will soon find yourself with an overwhelming amount of apps. Sure you can put them in folders but it just seems so iPod 1st gen.

Overall user experience

All the settings have to be accessed through the settings app and it can get annoying if you don't leave that app in the same spot forever. There is just no rich feature integration like we can see in Android devices. archaically simple to some may be annoying. For others, it may be just what we need if we don't know our way around this techie world. There is also no such thing as non Apple approved apps or Flash support. But you wont have to worry about those things all that much.

Going on Facebook, Instagram, watching YouTube videos, browsing the web, it can all be done comfortably and with ease from your couch, bed or wherever you may want to take this thing. Except the shower.

Apple has a really defined user experience. You find yourself just swiping or tapping for the fun of it because it's just so darn smooth!

The New Nexus 7

Looks like a giant iPhone 5. It's newer and cheaper but by no means is it cheap. This thing has a retina display far greater than that of the iPad mini.You can find it on Amazon for $230-$269 depending on the storage capacity you want.


It's a bit harder to sync your music the old fashioned way. You'll have to do it with an internet connection via Google Play Music for best results. The upside to this though is that you'll be able to stream your music to any device over the internet, This includes desktops and laptops. One music library to rule them all.

The music player on Android is as polished as the one on Apple iOS devices. A great thing here though is that if you don't like it, there's plenty more on Android app store.


Comes with Chrome as the default browser. It's not as smooth as it is on iOS though. Personally I prefer Firefox or Next browser on here because they just feel smoother. Chrome is faster but I just don't feel it's optimized the best. For example, buttons and such should be round, not squared, because the point of your finger is round. Firefox seems to be going in the right direction. I also found it was easier downloading files from Firefox since the chrome browser didn't really know what to do with my downloads.


As of August, 2013, there are over 800,000 apps in the app store. There is also an Amazon app store which you can get and it offers a different paid app for free every day.

Overall user experience

Settings are easily accessible when you need them to be. If you ever get bored of the look and feel of your home screen, you can do a complete overhaul. Meaning there are plenty of other launchers on the app store that can completely transform your device and make it feel like new again. The possibilities are endless.

You are also able to download apps that are not on the Android app store. These would be apps containing content not suitable for everyone if you know what I mean.

Another great thing you can do on here is you can have separate profiles for everyone in your family. Or whom ever you might want to share your tablet with. Maybe no one. in which case you might want to have a restricted "Guest" account. That way people can use your device without snooping through all your stuff. Maybe you have some pictures or videos you forgot to put store in a certain vault app.

The Nexus 7 is not like other Android devices. This is a solid piece of hardware with exceptional software. It works in tandem beautifully. Its what I would imaging Apple would create two years from now, except it's already here. With that in mind, you can be sure this device will last.


Here's a good overview video that'll let you see the two in the flesh.

If you can afford an iPad, I suggest you just buy both of these devices. What the heck. They're both awesome so you wont regret a thing. After a week or two of using both, you can decide which you like better and then give away the other to a friend. They'll love you, trust me.

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