How to Give Someone a Gift in The Last of Us Multiplayer

How to gift items in the last of us

It's pretty easy actually but it took me forever to figure it out on my own. In fact, I had to ask my brother who had been playing the game longer than I have. I wonder how he figured it out... Anyways, here's how you give items to your friends in The Last of Us multiplayer.


Make sure you're not in a match and select GEAR UP


Select your loadout.


Below the two guns you'll find your PERKS. You must equip LVL 2 or 3 of CRAFTER. You will now be able to give a gift to a friend every time you've crafted 3 items.


If you want to make the most of this perk, try not to craft bombs or molotovs as they use up the most resources. You'll be able to craft more and therefore give more gifts.

Whenever your population is at risk choosing the gift objective is an easy save, especially if you follow the strategy above.

You get 100 PARTS every time you give a teammate a gift.

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