The Evolution of PlayStation Part 1

November 16, 1993: Sony creates it's new gaming division, Sony Computer Entertainment. A year later, SCE officially launches it's first console, the PlayStation.

The Beginning

Hey plumber boy, mustache man, you're worst nightmare has arrived!

Crash Bandicoot, First Crash Bandicoot Comercial
The original PlayStation controller didn't have analog sticks. It was a later update that added the revolutionary dualshock controller. Oh and here's that Crash Bandicoot commercial I know you want to see.

PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 has more quality games than any other system out there. If you had to pick just one system, without a doubt the right choice would be the PS2.

Best Selling System of All Time

With over 150 million systems sold, the PlayStation 2 is best selling gaming console of all time. In second place is the original PlayStation with about 102 million console sales. Only the Wii has come close to surpassing these giants with a little over 100 million sold.

Gaming seems to be more prominent these days, how is it that old consoles have sold way more? Check out the full list of best selling consoles on Wikipedia here.


Never Stop

Even towards the end of their life cycles PlayStation systems still keep on releasing quality games. The PS3 recently had the The Last of Us, and outstanding breakthrough in all gaming. Even after the PS4 launches, the PS3 still has some great titles on it sights, such as Metal Gear Solid 5 and The Evil Within.

Be sure to check out Part 2 to see more on how PlayStation manages to have the best games on earth and the history of their portable gaming system.

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